After AOC Complained About American Flags Flying Over ICE Facilities, Protestors Replaced One With a Mexican Flag

Only hours after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) complained that American Flags were flying over ICE facilities, protesters at one detention facility in Colorado removed an American and replaced it with a Mexican flag, according to several reports

Who: Anti-ICE Protesters

What: An angry crowd at an ICE Immigration Detention Center lowered an American Flag and a Police Lives Matter Flag, replacing the American flag with the national flag of Mexico and desecrating the Police flag with word “Abolish ICE,” painted in red. The protests were in response to the beginning of planned and well publicized efforts by ICE to remove and deport illegal aliens who were already adjudicated to be in violation of US Immigration laws.  The protest was part of #Lights for Liberty events, also called the March to Close Concentration Camps, held around the country.

Where: Aurora, Colorado

When: Friday

Why it Matters: Just hours before the event AOC complained to former ICE director Thomas Homan that American Flags were flying over ICE detention facilities.

“What was worse, Mr. Homan, was the fact that there were American flags hanging all over these facilities,” she said.

Later, protestors raised a foreign flag over an American facility, which should be no less than an outrage to every American citizen. Though this act has already been downplayed by mainstream media, it shows, in one simple picture, how out of control the immigration issue has become. Instead of leaders from the Democratic Party instructing illegal aliens on how to evade ICE, they should be working with President Trump on ways to solve this problem.

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