Agent at American Program Bureau Threatens to ‘Pummel’ Organizer of Straight Pride Parade

An employee of one of America’s foremost booking agencies, which specializes in booking speakers for feature events, threatened online to “pummel” the organizer of Boston’s upcoming Straight Pride Parade.

Who: Drew Sullivan of the American Program Bureau (ASB).

What: In response to a June story, wherein I spoke with with John Hugo, the organizer of Boston’s Straight Pride Parade, Sullivan responded by asking for Hugo’s number so he could “pummel” him.

“Gimme his number,” Sullivan said. I wanna fight this rat. Absolutely pummel him.”

Sullivan idiotically made his threat of violence using his real name and photo, and from the Twitter account where he proudly displays his employment information.

The Rundown reached out to the APB to ask if they condone political violence. The organization did not return the comment request.

“With over 50 years of industry experience, APB was founded to provide an open forum for individuals to voice their opinions and points of view,” according to the company’s site. “Today we have the largest speaker roster in the industry, from entertainers and politicians to business leaders and renowned public intellectuals.”

Featured on the site are speakers whom the organization has booked, including Larry King, Dan Rather, Sir Richard Branson, among many others.

Why It Matters: The American left is becoming increasingly violent, and prominent lawmakers have refused to condemn such violence. Instead, the far-leftists like Antifa are running amok in

The organizers of the Straight Pride Parade have done nothing wrong. They are simply spitting in the face of American progressives – the No Fun Club – by hosting an event that tramples all over leftist dogma. Exercising their First Amendment rights has caused them to become the target of threats of violence, all at the hands of the “tolerant” left.

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