AOC’s Chief of Staff says Green New Deal is Not About Climate Change, But Ushering in Socialism

Before we dive into this story, I want to point out that I first reported this news in my biography on about AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Her Mysterious Rise from Bartender to Congresswoman

Her spokesman Corbin Trent told me in an exclusive interview for the book:

I knew the Republicans had figured things out when my cousin, who’s a journeyman electrician—so I’m from northeast Tennessee—and he used to work at Y12 and places like that, which is the spinoff of the Manhattan Project, and they’d build out a lot of high wage stuff there—federal scale. As soon he comes back and says, “Ah, I got another job at $28 an hour, $32 an hour,” I said, “Then [the Democrats] are fucked.” Cause that’s it. Once they start putting money in people’s bank accounts, putting people to work, and having them build shit—that’s the key.

That’s the whole concept of the Green New Deal! Start building shit. I mean, literally, that’s it. Build shit again here, right? I mean, Knoxville, Tennessee used to create—it was the underwear capital of the world. I mean, I know it sounds silly, but they produced a million pairs of underwear there. Textiles were big there. Manufacturing? Huge. The little town I’m from called Morristown, we had auto manufacturing, furniture manufacturing—the entire industrialized south was that way. But what have you seen? Business after business closed. Factory after factory closed. They get shipped offshore.

In other words, the Green New Deal is a massive government subsidy program for American business, designed to give the government a stake in the game in private industry, thus moving us closer to socialism. Her Chief of Staff confirmed my earlier reporting in a recent interview with The Washington Post. 

Who: Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s Chief of Staff

What: “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti told The Washington Post. “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

When: First reported in my book, then on July 10.

Where: Chakrabarti admitted it to The Washington Post. Her spokesman Corbin Trent told me the same in an interview at AOC’s Washington, D.C. office.

Why It Matters: The Green New deal has never been about Climate Change. It has always been about changing the entire economic system of the United States. Democrats plan to usher in socialism one way or another.

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