Bernie Sanders Meets with Rapper Cardi B in Detroit Ahead of Tuesday Debate

NBC is reporting that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) met with female rapper Cardi B in Detroit Monday ahead of Tuesday night’s second round of Democratic Party primary debates. 

“NBC News has confirmed CNN’s reporting. [Bernie Sanders’] deputy campaign manager Rene Spellman confirms to NBC News that Sen. Sanders and rapper Cardi B met today in Detroit, ahead of tomorrow’s debate,” NBC’s Gary Grumbach said. “Per [reporter Shaq Brewster], the two met for about 30-45 minutes to tape an “extensive conversation about the issues,” at a TEN Nail Bar in Detroit. The video featuring the two of them will be released by the campaign in the coming days.”

Cardi B is known mostly for her music, but in the political world, she is known for a March 2018 rant about her expensive tax bill.

The Sanders campaign, which is still polling second behind former vice president Joe Biden, was the subject of ridicule last week after it was forced to cut staff after increasing its minimum wage to $15/hour.

Meanwhile, President Donald J. Trump has been known to meet with rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West. The trio has worked on a prison reform bill called the First Step Act. Kardashian West was reportedly at the White House for a meeting at the end of last week.

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