Black Teen Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Whites: ‘I Don’t Like White People in My Hood’

In a racially motivated crime that has not been covered by the mainstream press, a black teen allegedly shot four people because they were white. 

“A man accused of firing shots at four people in a Kennedy Heights neighborhood turned himself in,” according to WKRC. “Devonta Allen, 18, faces four counts of felonious assault.”

According to court documents, Allen could be heard yelling I don’t like white people in my hood.” There is reportedly video footage of the incident that confirms Allen’s incendiary racial remarks.

He fired three shots at four people, hitting two vehicles that were carrying a total of four passengers. No one was injured.

“Police say Allen turned himself in Monday night,” the report said. “He had an audiotaped statement admitting to shooting at the victims. However, he said they were armed and fired at him first.”

The leftist press has been silent on this racially-motivated violence, because the perpetrator was black. If races were reversed, it would be headline news.

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