CORRUPTION: Trump-Haters in Puerto Rico Arrested After Alleged Hurricane Relief Grift

Several high level Puerto Rican Government officials have been arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy to defraud the Puerto Rican and U.S. governments.

Who: Julie Keheler, the Adminstrator of the PR Department of Education and Angela Avila Marrero the head of the Department of Health Insurance.

What: The government officials were arrested for authorizing over 15 million dollars in contracts to favored business in what the FBI called “corrupt bidding” processes, according to NPR. Two other lower PR officials who are sisters, were also arrested and charged with wire fraud, theft and money-laundering for steering lucrative government contracts to friends. Governor Ricardo Rossellini, who once called President Trump a “bully”  had to cut short a European vacation to deal with the problem.

When: Earlier this week.

Where: The island territory which some want to turn into a state.

Why It Matters: President Trump has been widely criticized for his Administration’s response to Hurricane Maria which devastated the island last year. Defending the efforts, the President with his usual candor, said that he has given the Island more money that they have ever received and suggested that members of the Puerto Rican Government were inept at best, and corrupt at worst.  For this of course, he was called a RACIST. As the FBI proved this week, Donald Trump was right, again.