COURT DOCS: Democrat House Candidate Claimed He Was Campaigning in a Local Town. He Was Actually There for a Court Appearance.

A Democratic Party candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates claimed Tuesday that he was in the town of Eastville knocking on doors for his campaign, until he was busted by a local cop who pointed out the real reason why he was there. 

Who: Phil Hernandez, a former Senior Policy Analyst in the Obama administration, and now a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the state’s 100th District.

What: “Last week, Rob Bloxom spent 90 minutes in conversation with the NRA at a meeting that was closed to the press,” Hernandez said on his campaign Facebook page. “Today, he spent 90 minutes in special session in Richmond, where he adjourned without taking a vote or spending a minute in conversation about actual legislation. That’s not leadership.”

Bloxom is Hernandez’s Republican incumbent opponent.

“The job of our leaders — even when we may disagree with them in the end — is to work to bring all of us together. Politicians in Richmond fell far short of that standard today,” he continued.

“That’s why I’m in Eastville talking with voters right now — knocking on doors, having discussions, sharing stories. And why I’m proud to say that I’ve received the 2019 MDA Gun Sense Candidate mark of distinction. Because this is what true representation should look like,” he finished.

That narrative faded quickly when Rob Stubbs, a local police officer jumped into the conversation.

“I thought you were in Eastville for Court [sic],” Stubbs said. “Yes I’m sure you were. While you were speeding and making Cape Charles a dangerous place due to your driving behavior, Rob Bloxom was leading. Representing our Eastern Shore interests in Richmond.”

A tipster sent the court documents, proving Stubbs to be correct, to The Rundown:

Hernandez was apparently ticketed for doing 43mph in a 25mph zone – very unsafe! The date at the bottom of the image shows that his court case was continued on Tuesday.

Where: Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

When: Hernandez posted his phony story Tuesday.

Why It Matters: True to form, it appears that the former Obama official was lying on the campaign trail – or at least lying about being on the campaign trail. Hernandez is an anti-Second Amendment Democrat, as noted by the “Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate” approval stamp touted on his Facebook page.

Moms Demand Action is a gun grabbing group that is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, a massive gun control group.

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