DAILY BEAST: Like the Farmers’ Market? You Might be a Fascist!

Repugnant leftist rag The Daily Beast Sunday harangued a couple of “white supremacists” for selling vegetables at a farmers market, and then claimed that rural living is a sign of fascism. 

What: According to The Daily Beast, a white supremacist couple who live on an Indiana farm were selling vegetables at a local farmers’ market. Now perhaps the pair are, indeed, white supremacists. At least one of them is on record complaining about diversity in schools. But in its typical fashion, The Daily Beast went overboard with the hysteria.

“The farmers’ market face-off isn’t not the first of its kind,” the piece said. “From Chicago to Sweden, farmers’ markets have become a surprising battleground between the far right and its opponents. The far right’s love of the markets plays into a larger fascist talking point that idealizes pastoral life and demonizes ‘degenerate’ urban living. The contrast attempts to cast white supremacy as a purer alternative.”

Did you get that? If you prefer rural to urban living, you just might be a racist!

Why It Matters: How can any serious publication use two people – one couple – to generalize about the entire farmers’ market-loving world? It can’t. But then again, The Daily Beast isn’t really a serious publication. It is a loss leader for the DNC.

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