Daily Beast STILL Pushing Debunked Russian ‘Collusion’ Claim

Despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller closed up shop in May after decidedly reporting that the Trump campaign committed no crimes, some news outlets just can’t let the lie they promoted for two years trail off silently into the night. Take The Daily Beast, for example, one of the foremost purveyors of the “Russian collusion” hoax. Now, the publication is claiming that Trump did commit several crimes, and that Mueller simply missed them.

Who: Law professor Jed Shugerman in The Daily Beast.

What: “Robert Mueller made a significant legal error and, based on the facts he found, he should have identified Trump campaign felonies,” according to The Daily Beast. “Mueller’s errors meant that, first, he failed to conclude that the Trump campaign criminally coordinated with Russia; second, he failed to indict campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates for felony campaign coordination (see in a concise timeline below); third, the 10 acts of felony obstruction in Volume II fell flat among the general public because it lacked compelling context of these underlying crimes between the campaign and Russia.”

Oh. Well if some boneheaded law professor said Mueller got it wrong, we should probably re-open the whole case and start from scratch, right guys?

Where: One of the worst “news” websites on the entire internet.

When: Wednesday, several months after the Mueller report was released.

Why It Matters: Many news media outlets have simply continued on with the “Russian collusion” narrative as though the two-year investigation into the Trump campaign hadn’t turned up completely empty.

This motif of simply ignoring facts that do not fit the narrative that Trump is a Russian asset will likely continue as his 2020 campaign ramps up.

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