WHITE PRIVILEGE? Detroit Youth Event Charging Whites More than ‘POC’ for Tickets

An “AfroFuture Fest” in Detroit is charging white people more than “people of color” in order to purchase a ticket for attendance. 

Who: AfroFuture Youth is “a Detroit based, youth led, initiative that gives middle and high schoolers space and resources to build a new, more equitable world, through an Afrofuturist, healing centered, framework, to support all aspects of black lives,” according to its website.

What: The group is holding an event that will charge whites more than blacks to attend. The page said:

Prices are determined as follows:

Where: Detroit, Michigan.

When: August 3-4.

Why It Matters: The “progressive” left only sees “diversity” in terms of skin color, and is now openly punishing people for an immutable characteristic with which they were born. The event comes during a time when racial tensions in America are high, and when some 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates are demanding reparations be paid to blacks for slavery.

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