Did AOC’s Rhetoric Radicalize Man Who Stormed ICE Facility With Rifle and Molotov Cocktails?

A Washington man got himself killed early Saturday morning after storming an ICE detention center with molotov cocktails and a rifle amid weeks of vile rhetoric from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) about the treatment of illegal aliens at such facilities. 

Who: An unidentified Washington man.

What: “A man police described as armed with a rifle and throwing flammable objects was shot and killed outside the Northwest Detention Center early Saturday morning,” according to Fox13. “An employee at the facility, which operates on behalf of ICE, called police shortly before 4 a.m. saying a man with a rifle was throwing ‘incendiary devices’ at the building, setting vehicles on fire and attempting to ignite a large propane tank, according to Tacoma PD.”

“Shortly after arriving on scene, officers say they spotted the suspect with a gun, wearing a satchel and carrying flares,” the report continued. “Police fired on the man in a parking lot across from the facility, taking up cover positions. Officers soon found the man with fatal gunshot wounds, but investigators have not confirmed whether police gunfire hit him or if the man shot himself.”

When: Early Saturday morning.

Where: Tacoma, Washington.

Why It Matters: AOC has spent weeks ratcheting up her rhetoric against ICE and its agents, accused them of running “concentration camps” for detained migrants. After a visit to one of the detention facilities, she claimed – without evidence – that detainees were being forced to drink water out of toilets. Earlier this week, she instructed illegal aliens on how to avoid being arrested by ICE, which is set to begin raids this weekend to deport 2,000 illegals with final deportation orders. Friday, during House testimony, she complained that American flags were flying over ICE detention facilities, only for one flag at a Colorado facility to be torn down and replaced with a Mexican flag hours later.

The media often points fingers at right-wingers when someone commits a heinous crime that could have been politically motivated. Will it do the same to AOC?

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