Entire California City Bans ‘Gendered’ Language

The entire city of Berkeley, California has banned “gendered” language, and the new ordinance will soon go into effect. 

What: “The city voted Tuesday night to replace gendered terms in its municipal codes, like ‘manhole’ and ‘manpower,’ with gender-neutral ones like ‘maintenance hole’ and ‘human effort,'” according to CBS Sacramento.

“The item passed without discussion or comments and was not controversial, said Berkeley City Council member Rigel Robinson, the bill’s primary author,” according to the report.

Why It Matters: Berkeley – and particularly the University of California – Berkeley is known as a bastion of leftism. It is where a community college professor attacked a supporter of President Donald J. Trump with a bike lock in 2017, sparking national outrage and exposing the violent nature of Antifa.

The city – and the entire state of California – has larger problems on its hands than “gendered” pronouns. But it’s 2019, so here we are.

“Having a male-centric municipal code is inaccurate and not reflective of our reality,” Robinson reportedly said. “Women and non-binary individuals are just as entitled to accurate representation. Our laws are for everyone, and our municipal code should reflect that.”

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