Eric Swalwell Relegated to Angry Tweeting While Fellow Democrats Debate

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was the first Democratic Party candidate to drop out of the presidential primary, after consistently polling at 0%. Tonight, while his fellow Democrats prepare to debate in front of millions, he is Tweeting angrily. 

“‘All of this back and forth’ is 2019’s ‘good people on both sides,'” he said in a sad effort to shame Nikki Haley for telling Democrats to knock off the faux outrage over Trump’s Baltimore Tweets and get to work. (RELATED: Media Silent After Obama Called Baltimore Residents ‘Criminals’ and ‘Thugs’ In 2015)

Then he continued to spread the long-debunked conspiracy theory that Russians helped Trump get elected.

“You had a chance to join ‘Russian opposition’ leaders in America. You chose Trump. You are responsible for Putin’s boldness,” he said, barking at Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The Rundown reported when Swalwell dropped out:

Swalwell was perhaps the worst of the lot of Democrats running for president – a truly fantastic feat, given the acumen of the rest of the field. His major campaign platform was gun control, particularly buybacks of “assault rifles.” His most recent campaign failure was a failed attempt to create a bogus dichotomy between loving children and keeping the Second Amendment. He shamed Americans who wanted to keep their guns by suggesting that they don’t care about kids if they don’t support his gun control agenda. Suffice to say, that tactic missed the mark. The candidate never managed to garner more than 0% in the polls.

So long, Eric! It’s been a peach. We look forward to your next segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where you will surely be embarrassed, as usual, by someone with

superior intellect.

Enjoy the debates, Eric!

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