Eric Swalwell’s Horrible Campaign Continues with Hijacked Twitter Poll

Things got worse for California House Rep. Eric Swalwell’s already-bleak presidential campaign. The candidate, polling dead last in the Democratic Party Primary, was once again taken to task by right-wing internet users.

Who: Swalwell is a House Rep, presidential candidate, and certified dweeb formerly known for being Tucker Carlson’s punching bag in primetime on Fox News.

What: Swalwell posted a poll on Twitter, attempting to guilt Americans into supporting his radical gun control agenda by suggesting that if they did not support gun buybacks, they did not care about children:

Nearly 80% of respondents trolled Swalwell, voting for guns over children.

When: Monday into Tuesday.

Where: Swalwell posted the poll to Twitter. He is currently running a nationwide campaign for president – or at least showing up campaign events.

Why it matters: Swalwell is the only candidate radically-left enough to suggest mandatory gun buybacks, which boils down to confiscation of weapons. Americans likely don’t support Swalwell because they support the Second Amendment. Swalwell is a totalitarian who infamously suggested that the United States government would use nuclear weapons on the citizens in the event that they rebelled against gun control in his first bout with right-wing internet users.

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