EXCLUSIVE: Court Docs, Screenshots Show Omar Navarro Allegedly Threatened, Stalked Ex-Girlfriend and Pelosi Challenger DeAnna Lorraine

Screenshots of text message conversations and a sworn affidavit for a temporary restraining order obtained exclusively by The Rundown show that twice-failed congressional candidate Omar Navarro threatened to release “compromising” images of DeAnna Lorraine, and allegedly stalked her after the pair ended a months-long relationship. 

Lorraine, who was romantically involved with Navarro from January into June, is running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for U.S. Congress in 2020. Navarro split from his ex-wife before he and Lorraine began dating. His previous wife filed a restraining order against him and has accused him of physical abuse and stalking.

“During our relationship many of our mutual friends and colleagues warned me about his anger issues, deceitfulness, and history of stalking and harassing women,” the affidavit said.

In April, Lorraine first attempted to end her relationship with Omar, which she says caused him to call and text her more frequently as well as threaten to “take [her] down.”

“The threats and blackmailing had been going on for months, not just after I broke it off,” she told The Rundown.

Omar allegedly threatened to share “compromising information and videos,” as well as photos of Lorraine, according to text messages obtained by The Rundown.

He also allegedly stalked Lorraine at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. in early May, just after Lorraine said she ended the relationship.

“After approximately 2 hours of him following me around the hotel lounge, starring [sic] at me and exhibiting intimidating body language and eye contact, I finally decided I needed to get out of there,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine alleged that Navarro attempted to blackmail her into meeting the day after the Trump Hotel incident, and described him as “unstable.”

“Omar made it very clear in text, in person and over the phone that if I did not see him and communicate with him, he would spread and publish private information about me and my family, as well as malicious and humiliating lies,” she said in the affidavit.

Throughout June, the alleged stalking continued, including during a trip to Florida where Lorraine and colleagues stayed at an AirBnB. She said that Navarro invited himself on the trip through her colleagues, and stayed at the same AirBnB. Lorraine said that she worked to avoid him, despite the fact that they were staying in the same place.

After that, Navarro booked a trip for the pair to Washington, D.C., which Lorraine declined. She said that Navarro threatened to “go to Twitter and tell his followers that I use drugs and am a slut” if she did not attend the trip. He also allegedly followed Lorraine on a July 3 cruise, and to Harry’s Bar in Washington, D.C. after the cruise, where Lorraine said he was kicked out by the restaurant manager after a confrontation with one of Lorraine’s friends.

Navarro eventually kept his promise of Tweeting damaging information about Lorraine, which he did after being shunned by Lorraine and the Proud Boys during the Demand Free Speech rally weekend in Washington D.C. in early July. Around the same time, he also threatened to leak nude images of Lorraine, according to her affidavit and a text message conversation obtained by The Rundown.

“On July 5, 2019, Omar went to the Daily Beast, informing them that I was sleeping with all the ‘proud boys’ and doing drugs. The Daily Beast posted an article which another organization picked up. And now these allegations are all over twitter. Omar also threatened to got to the L.A. Times,” Lorraine said in the affidavit.

“’I found this girl I dated is doing cocaine and sleeping with the proud boys I cannot agree with the drug lifestyle they follow,’ Navarro tweeted” according to that Daily Beast article.

From The Daily Beast:

In his tweets, Navarro made a series of allegations, claiming that Lorraine had, through the Proud Boys, threatened him “because I said I would expose the cocaine use including hers.” (Lorraine has denied using cocaine, while the Proud Boys describe themselves as “pro-drug.”)

“I denounce the proud boys as of today,” Navarro wrote. @DeAnnaTLorraine used the proud boys to threaten my life with eminent danger [sic] because I said I would expose the cocaine use including hers. I don’t mind getting kicked out of free speech rally to stand for truth.”

Lorraine described the Tweets as “criminal” in her affidavit, and said that Navarro is lying.

At another point, Navarro also said he would go public with the story through Breitbart News, according to texts.

“Omar, you’re [sic] behavior is seriously unhinged and scaring me,” Lorraine replied.

July 11, Lorraine was granted a temporary restraining order against Navarro. A court hearing is scheduled for August 1 to determine whether a permanent restraining order will be granted.

DeAnna told The Rundown that after Omar was served with the temporary restraining order on July 21, the threats have only escalated, including death threats, and more threats to publish nude images.

“He and his team have even been sending me death threats,” she said by email. “‘You’re dead. Watch your back’ and ‘Watch out.’ ‘Sleep well tonight bitch,’ ‘Your career is done.'”

“I’ve already called the police multiple times since he received his orders and several times beforehand for stalking/harassment,” she continued. “Not only is he committing a crime by repeatedly violating his court-ordered Restraining Order, but he’s stacking up multiple crimes of blackmail, extortion, and revenge porn. His latest threat was that if I don’t cancel the [Restraining Order] that he would start his smear campaign by Friday. There is actually a clause in my [Temporary Restraining Order] that states that he isn’t allowed to reveal any personal information about me to third parties, including the media and the Internet so he’s violating the order again every time he does this.”

She also said that he has continued to text her from a friend’s phone number. The following texts were sent to Lorraine from a “John Boiling.”

She explained to him why she filed the restraining order in another exchange, saying she felt she had to protect herself. Meanwhile, he tried to convince her not to file the order.

Here’s another, threatening to share “other stuff.”

The threats became even more serious.

“War is on,” one said.

“Your [sic] dead by the way. Watch your back,” said another.

“Paper isn’t going to protect you. Makes things ten times worse,” back-to-back messages said, referring to the restraining order.

She also received numerous other cryptic texts from “John Boiling.”

In an early June phone conversation obtained by The Rundown, Navarro can be heard interrogating Lorraine, apparently about another man, after their relationship was over.

“If I care about someone, I at least have the decency to fucking text them and say, ‘Hey I’m all right, I’m doing good, my day was fine,” Navarro said.

“Yeah, but if I do that then you think we’re together, and you’re calling me ‘baby,’ and ‘I love you,’ and all this stuff,” Lorraine said.

“So we’re not together?” Omar asked.

“Well, how many times do we have to go over this?” Lorraine said.

Omar then launched into an angry tirade.

“Say it,” he said. “Say it DeAnna, so I can be your enemy. Shit! Say it! Fucking say it! So I can fucking hear you. Say it! Say it! Say it! Now it’s gonna get worse.”

Omar continued, saying that he made Lorraine “relevant,” and that he “built [her] reputation.”

“As of today, we’re enemies,” he said. “You made me the worst enemy you’re gonna have.”

Navarro has a history of alleged abuse and stalking of his ex-wife, Torey MacDonald. The Rundown obtained copies of a temporary restraining order MacDonald filed against Navarro in 2017.

“My husband stalked me at a job interview in Yorba Linda and wouldn’t leave me alone,” MacDonald said in the filing. “I did not feel safe at all.”

That incident was dated February 9, 2016.

MacDonald also accused Navarro of attempting to slam a car door in her face, and shaking her during their marriage. She also said he was prone to angry outbursts.

Navarro denies that the text messages are real.

“They are fabricated,” he told The Rundown. “I would never threaten her to leak pictures. I care and love her still. Though I think I am dumb.”

He also said that Lorraine “made the decision to leak [the phone conversation] to get attention.”

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio weighed in on Omar, who has run twice unsuccessfully against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and can often be found on Twitter in President Trump’s mentions, promoting himself and his third campaign against the aging congresswoman.

“The pure disgust we all have for Maxine Waters might be the reason why some were completely oblivious to Omar’s grifting and abusive ways,” he said. “It doesn’t take a genius to see this guy is a big league loser. He knows he’s a loser, but he knows that even a loser in politics can have a great payout, as he has openly admitted to me multiple times in front of a group. The American people deserve better, and Omar deserves a jail cell.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect that Navarro’s ex-wife filed a restraining order against him, which he claims is no longer in effect.

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