EXCLUSIVE: Scandal-Plagued Florida Sheriff Reportedly Preventing County from Working with ICE

An appointed interim Florida Sheriff who has been at the center of several scandals is now preventing his county from working U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to his lack of qualifications, according to a local resident. 

Who: Sheriff Carmine Marceno of Lee County, Florida.

What: According to a local resident who has had trouble with the Sheriff in the past, Marceno’s lack of law enforcement qualifications has disallowed his office from working with ICE to deport illegal aliens.

Now, the source says the Sheriff – also the subject of a long form investigative report by Fox4 – is hampering his county’s ability to work with ICE. That report claims, among other things, that Marceno did not have the requisite experience as a sworn police officer when he moved from New York to Florida to work for any Florida law enforcement agency, much less to be appointed Sheriff.

“One of the consequences of not being a legally certified law enforcement officer and having falsified employment documents is that Lee County cannot pass the rigorous background check required to participate in the law enforcement program that assists in the deportation of illegal aliens,” the source told The Rundown.

Indeed, an official ICE list of partnerships with counties across America does not include Lee County. ICE did partner with the county as late as January of 2018, but Marceno was appointed Sheriff in September of that year, and the county no longer works with ICE.

Why It Matters: “Lee County is a Conservative Republican area,” the source said. “Lee County has been rocked by crimes committed by illegal aliens. Effectively being a sanctuary County because of the sheriff’s fraudulent activities is of public interest.”

An illegal alien who killed a police officer in Florida last year had an ICE hold in Lee County, but was never deported.

Moreno is running for Sheriff in 2020. He refused to answer any questions from Fox4 about his job qualifications or history as a New York police officer.

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