Exclusive: Swamp Creature Thom Tillis’ Pro-Trump Challenger Says POTUS ‘Needs More Warriors’

A Republican primary challenger of empty GOP establishment suit Senator Thom Tillis spoke with The Rundown Thursday and explained why Tillis must be voted out of office for the good of the America First agenda. 

“You’re going to know very clearly where I stand, and that’s side-by-side with the President,” Sandy Smith said. “I fully believe that President Trump needs more warriors, and that’s what I’m ready to be.”

Smith, a political outsider, has a background as a chief financial officer and business owner. She describes herself as a “business farmer,” because she owns a farm, though she does not do the farming. Having never been a politician, she is diametrically opposed to her incumbent opponent, who has served in the U.S. Congress for more than a decade, and was a local politician before that.

She decided to run for office because she was fed up with Republican politicians working against Trump.

“Continuing to see how every time President Trump went to do something, we have Republicans turning their backs, grandstanding, getting on their soapbox, and opposing him, I said ‘enough is enough,”‘ she said. “I mean, President Trump has done so many great things for our country. Could you imagine if he had true team players up there supporting him, without him having to fight against them?”

When asked about Tillis’ downfalls, Smith cited border security as a major issue. Trump’s administration has been blocked by both establishment Republicans like Tillis, and by Democrats in implementing his border security agenda. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: D.C. Insider Explains Why The Swamp is Terrified of Kris Kobach)

“First of all, [Tillis] truly opposes border security and building a wall,” Smith said. “He has verbally said that. He has written numerous op-eds. Earlier this year when President Trump issued the emergency order, he went on a publicity tour opposing it. If you listen to what he was saying, he was trying to pander to both sides [by saying] ‘well, I’m really for border security, but I don’t want to build a wall.'”

Smith also criticized Tillis for voting for the $19 billion spending bill earlier this year, which did not include funding for a wall.

She said she has not yet faced opposition from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the ringleader of the GOP establishment in Washington, D.C., but that she is prepared for such opposition. McConnell and his goons have made an effort to block actual America First conservatives from being elected to Congress. They helped derail Judge Roy Moore’s Senate prospects in 2017, and have signaled that they will oppose him again in 2020. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has already voiced its displeasure at the fact that former Kansas Secretary of State and known border hawk Kris Kobach is running for a Senate seat in 2020, too.

Smith ended our interview on a Trump-esque note, encouraging Republicans to stop backing down from the fight, and to be on the offensive for a change.

“We have so many Republicans go up [to Washington, D.C.], and when a Democrat looks at them the wrong way, or says something negative towards them, they immediately go to defense. They should stay focused, and keep zeroed in on the mission at hand, and complete it. Don’t worry about what the others say.”

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