Far-Left ThinkProgress Blog Was Hemorrhaging Cash. Now It’s For Sale.

A far-left blog run by the leftist nonprofit titan Center for American Progress and known for spreading conspiracy theories about “Russian collusion” is officially up for sale.

Who: ThinkProgress, a far-left propaganda outlet run by The Center for American Progress.

What: “Staff were informed on Monday afternoon that the site would be sold off and a CAP official told The Daily Beast that the organization would begin looking for prospective buyers for the website, which has come under severe financial strains during the Trump era,” according to The Daily Beast.

When: Monday.

Where: The Center for American Progress is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The blog that it runs is a nationwide political “news” outfit, which will apparently be sold to the highest bidder.

Why it matters: ThinkProgress has always been rooted in a deep-seeded hatred for conservatism, and particularly for President Donald J. Trump. Known more for its partisan hackery than for actual journalism, the sooner the site goes belly up, the better. It’s owners reportedly said that it will reconsider the editorial leanings of its new publisher, meaning that whomever takes over ThinkProgress likely won’t be as a far-left as its current editorial staff.

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