Hack “Reporter” Accuses Twitter Execs of Providing ‘Material Support to Terrorists’ for Not Banning Conservatives

A leftwing propagandist who works for HuffPost and is pro-internet censorship accused Twitter executives of providing “material support to terrorists” for not banning right-wingers from the site. 

Who: Luke O’Brien, a HuffPost reporter.

What: “Twitter won’t ban hate and extremism online,” O’Brien said on Twitter. “Because Twitter executives like it on the platform. Kinda wondering at this point if there’s isn’t [sic] some legal argument to be made that Twitter execs provide a form of material support to terrorists.”

When: Friday.

Where: O’Brien made his legal case (amateur legal Twitter is the worst Twitter) on the very platform whose executives he accused of supporting terrorists.

Why It Matters: O’Brien’s statements come during a time of hotly contested debate over internet censorship. The political right has made the argument that figures like Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and others have been banned from the 21st century public square – social media – for arbitrary “terms of service” violations, and that Big Tech has an inherent bias against conservatives.

O’Brien was commenting on a piece published by the uber-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch,” which labels nearly everyone politically right of communist dictators like Mao and Stalin as “extremists,” to make his argument.  The modern leftist definition of “extremism” is “political opinions with which the left disagrees.” O’Brien’s absurd suggestion that tech executives are providing support to terrorists because they won’t ban right wing opinions – which they already so – shows just how deranged the far-left has become.

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