Happy 4th of July, From Attorney General Bill Barr

Attorney General Bill Barr, known for ridiculing leftists and their hysterics – particular those in Congress – after Robert Mueller’s “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory investigation turned up empty, is wishing Americans a happy Independence Day.

Who: America’s favorite Attorney General, who is fighting back against the misdeeds of the authoritarians who spied on President Trump’s campaign, and then tried to cover it up.

What: “Every Fourth of July, we commemorate our nation’s independence and the ideals of democracy and justice that were enshrined at its birth,” Barr said in a DOJ press release. “The words of the Declaration of Independence still stand 243 years later as the foundation for the greatest form of government ever known, protected and upheld by the rule of law and the principles of justice.  We also remember that these words required great courage and sacrifice then and throughout our nation’s history as men and women – including the dedicated public servants of the Department of Justice – have worked and fought to protect, extend, and sustain our freedom.  I join with all Americans in celebrating the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness­­, and wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday.”

When: The release was issued late Wednesday.

Where: Washington, D.C.

Why it matters: Barr has triumphantly bucked the political establishment, and in some cases made an outright mockery of there deranged theories about Trump being a Russian asset. Since the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, he has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, which could reveal wrongdoing on behalf of the Obama administration and DOJ.