Hate Hoaxing Georgia Democrat is Jussie Smollett’s ‘Biggest Fan’

The Democrat Georgia state lawmaker who committed the latest racially-divisive hate hoax said in a 2015 Tweet that she was fellow hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett’s “biggest fan.” 

What: “Going downtown Atlanta for an event hope I magically bump into [Jussie Smollett],” Erica Thomas said, adding the hashtag “biggestfan.”

Thomas is at the center of America’s latest hate hoax, wherein she claimed that she was the victim of a racist attack (by a man who ended up being a Cuban-American Democrat) whom she said told her to “go back” to her country. She later walked back those comments.

The Rundown reported:

Later Saturday, Thomas walked back her obvious false claims.

“I don’t wanna say he said ‘go back to your country,’ or ‘go back to where you came from,’ but he was making those types of references, is what I remember,” Thomas told a local new station.



But Twitter left the headline remain throughout Sunday as one of its top trending news items, as I noted mid-Sunday.

The “news story” was still being promoted by Twitter Monday.

Why It Matters: America has had enough media-driven racial tension, but it continues to promote such tension by fervently reporting on fake hate hoaxes without verifying facts, just as it did with the Covington Catholic High School boys, and the Smollett hoax.

If you’re noticing a pattern, that’s because the media is the enemy of the American people.

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