Here’s How The Media is Running Cover for Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

I’ll begin this piece with a disclaimer: Far-leftist Ally Maynard is one of the worst people on the internet. But every now and then, bad people make good points. Maynard did so yesterday. 

Who: Maynard called out the left-wing, establishment media.

What: She noticed a disturbing trend. Several media outlets were downplaying convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s latest sex trafficking conspiracy charges by describing him not as a pedophile, but as someone who “had sex with underage women.”

“Hey, everyone in media, stop saying and printing ‘sex with underage women.’ Underage women are children,” Maynard said.

“Looking at you [Brian Pascus], she said.

Pascus wrote in a CBS news story that 30 “underage women” were “allegedly sexually abused by Epstein.”

Then Maynard took on The Daily Beast.

“Really bad look for [Pervaiz Shallwani] at the Daily Beast,” she said.

Shallwani, too, described Epstein’s victims as “underage women.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke did the same, saying that Epstein was accused of “preying on underage women.”

“Chicago Tribune’s [Rex Huppke] added to the list of complete failures,” Maynard said.

Where: National news outlets published the white-washing phrase to be shared across the web.

When: Monday, when Epstein was arraigned on child sex trafficking conspiracy charges.

Why It Matters: Epstein has many powerful friends in the world of politics, most notably former president and Democrat Bill Clinton. Clinton released a statement disassociating himself with Epstein Monday night. The daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) noted that “some of our faves are implicated” by Epstein’s arrest. For the leftist media, known for being the lap dogs of powerful leftists, it is in their best interest to downplay the allegations against Epstein.

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