Ilhan Omar Said America Is ‘Unjust’ Like Somalia

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) said has been under fire all week for comments she made during a speech to 400 high school students, which has led to a war of words with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Who: Rep. Ilhan Omar

What: “I grew up in an extremely unjust society, and the only thing that made my family excited about coming to the United States was that the United States was supposed to be the country that guaranteed justice to all,” she told a group of high school students, according to The Washington Post. “So, I feel it necessary for me to speak about that promise that’s not kept.”

She then relayed a story to the students about an elderly black woman being arrested for stealing a loaf of bread to feed her starving grandchild as proof of just how unjust America is. She later admitted that story was fabricated.

When: Recently, though The Washington Post did not specify the date of the speech.

Where: Richfield High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why It Matters: Omar is a Somali refugee. Somalia is a nation that has been engulfed in a civil war since 1991. In some areas, warlords still rule, and in the recent past there was an entire economic market built around investing in pirates to rob ships at sea. It is a hub of radical Islamic terror. It is, to say the least, unjust.

Despite the fact the the United States is not perfect, to even mention it in the same breath as Somalia, or to suggest that somehow there’s a moral equivalency between the two, is patently absurd. And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact – evidenced by Omar’s continued residence in this country instead of her native homeland.

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