Indian Man Wakes Up Just in Time for His Own Funeral!

Fox News is reporting Wednesday that an Indian man woke up during his own funeral after doctors had pronounced him dead.

Who: Mohammad Furqan, age 20.

What: “Furqan had been unconscious since June 21 when he got into an accident,” Fox News said. “Doctors declared him dead on Monday but coincidentally only after the man’s family told the hospital that looked after him they no longer had the funds to pay for his care.”

Where: The city of Lucknow, in Northern India.

When: Furqan was unconscious since June 21, but woke up just in time for his burial.

Why it matters: Stories like these pop up from time to time, proving that doctors don’t always get it right. However, the family seems convinced that the hospital simply declared Furqan dead because they could no longer pay for his medical treatment, which suggests serious malfeasance. The same thing happened nearly one year ago to the day in South Africa, when a woman who had been declared dead woke up in the freezer of a morgue.