Jim Acosta Falsely Claims He’s Been Physically Attacked by Trump Supporters to Sell Books

Self-important CNN propaganda man Jim Acosta is blatantly lying in the description section of his book Enemy of the People, claiming that he has been the victim of physical violence at the hands of Trump supporters. 

Who: CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent and known left-wing hack Jim Acosta.

What: “At Mr. Trump s most hated network, CNN, Acosta offers a never-before-reported account of what it s like to be the President s most hated correspondent,” says Acosta’s book description. “Acosta goes head-to-head with the White House, even after Trump supporters have threatened his life with words as well as physical violence.”

But there is no evidence to support either of the claim that Acosta has been physically attacked by Trump supporters. At all. And if there were, it would have played on a loop for CNN for weeks.

When: The bogus falsehood was made upon the release of Acosta’s book in June. It remains in the book’s description.

Where: The Enemy of the People book description on Amazon.

Why It Matters: Acosta is perhaps the most visible of the CNN propagandists at the White House, who wrote an entire book about how dangerous his job is as a White House Correspondent, where he reports every day fro the White House, protected by U.S. Secret Service. CNN demonizes Trump supporters daily, but Acosta took it to the next level by falsely accusing them of committing acts of physical violence against him.

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