Kobach Talks America First Border Security As Senate Bid Ramps Up

Former Kansas Secretary of State and 2020 U.S. Senate candidate Kris Kobach talked America First immigration policy Saturday night at a picnic in Abilene, Kansas. 

What: “President Donald Trump needs senators in Congress that support his policies and Kris Kobach says he’ll be that senator,” according to The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle.

Kobach answered several questions about American immigration policy, on which he is known for being aligned with Trump.

“President Trump has got to have people in the Senate that, I believe, are fighting for the wall and believe that physical barriers work,” he reportedly said.

Kobach has wall-building experience, serving as legal counsel for We Build the Wall, a non-profit using donations from citizens to build sections of wall on private land along the southern border with Mexico.

“Many people in Congress say they support border security and support the wall. I have actually built the wall and created border security by actually having built border security and by knowing the law very well, and know which statutes need to be changed and reworded,” Kobach continued.

He addressed asylum and work visas, too, both of which contribute to the flood of illegal aliens and low-skilled workers pouring into America.

“One loophole allows you to claim asylum after you’ve been illegally in the country for any period of time,” he reportedly said. “People are seeking asylum now, claiming there is crime in their neighborhood. Asylum is an international law concept and has never been based on having criminals in your neighborhood. It’s based on being persecuted because of your membership in a particular social group.”

Kobach wants to restrict, not enlarge the number of work visa categories. He is one of the only candidates for higher office willing even to discuss the prospect of restricting legal immigration. A recent poll showed that 30% of Americans want to halt all immigration, not just illegal immigration.

“I think people that don’t understand the law say we just need work visas. We already have work visas in two dozen categories. To just give a shallow response that we need work visas shows a lot of misunderstanding,” Kobach reportedly said.

“The problem is we need more status adjudicators who actually run the paperwork, who can process these faster. Right now you have to wait way too long. We need to get the work visas to the applicant in weeks rather than months.”

Why It Matters: The establishment GOP in Washington, D.C. has worked with the Democrats to halt Trump’s immigration agenda. Kobach, known as an immigration hawk, is despised by those establishment GOPers, which is a positive sign for the America First base. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: D.C. Insider Explains Why The Swamp is Terrified of Kris Kobach)

Kobach could make a splash in D.C. on the issue of border security if elected to the Senate.

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