Mayor Pete’s Brother-in-Law Doesn’t Want Him in the White House. His Interview with the #WalkAway Founder Airs Tonight.

The founder of the #WalkAway campaign interviewed Rhyan Glezman, brother-in-law of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who said that he does not think the mayor should be President. 

Brandon Straka posted a a preview clip of the interview, which will air on the #WalkAway YouTube channel Sunday night at 7pm ET.

Glezman said he loves his brother and Buttigieg, but does not think the couple should occupy the White House.

Glezman, who is a pastor by trade, also promoted the interview on his Twitter account.

“How do you disagree on topics but not hate one another? Tune in tomorrow and watch [Brandon Straka] and myself have a wonderful conversation!” he said. 

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