NYC Police Organization ROASTS de Blasio Amid Presidential Campaign

A New York City police organization stuck it to Mayor Bill de Blasio Sunday in a viral Tweet, chapping their city’s leader for being MIA while on the campaign Trail. 

Who: The New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association.

What: “MISSING PERSON ALERT- if seen please return to NYC, it’s the city that had a blackout,has homeless all over the streets,people being killed by bicycles, broken down public housing,& a transit system that’s a mess. Subject is on presidential campaign with plans to destroy a nation,” the SBA said in Tweet, adding a photo of de Blasio.

When: Sunday.

Why It Matters: De Blasio is running a doomed presidential campaign, polling near dead-last in the Democratic Primary at a solid 0%. Meanwhile, he also has responsibilities as the mayor of the most densely populated city in America. For example, there is a crisis of suicides among NYPD officers that seems like a topic a mayor might address. His already-low approval rating as mayor is certainly not trending upwards as he gallivants across the country.

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