OUCH: ThinkProgress ‘Reporter’ Forced a Friend to Choose Between Him and Her MAGA Hat. She Chose the Hat.

An alleged reporter over at the failing news site ThinkProgress wrote a story in his newsletter last week about unfriending someone on Facebook because she wore a signature President Donald J. Trump MAGA hat.

As if that weren’t embarrassing enough for a grown man to admit, reporter Zack Ford went onto explain that his “friend” chose the MAGA hat over him.

“Specifically, I share a story in today’s newsletter about my decision to unfriend someone I’ve known since high school over her decision to wear a MAGA hat,” Ford said. “I gave her a choice, and she chose the hat over me.”

Imagine being such a horrible friend that, when presented the choice, someone chooses a hat over your friendship? That’s Zack Ford story.


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