POLL: One Third of Americans Say Media is ‘Enemy of the People,’ Trump Vindicated

According to a Hill-HarrisX Poll released Monday, one third of Americans now believe that the press is the “enemy of the people.”

Who: The poll was published by The Hill, a news website, and its polling partner HarrisX.

What: “According to the survey, 51 percent of Republicans polled said they thought of the press as “the enemy of the people” compared with 14 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of independents who said the same,” The Hill said.

Where: HarrisX is a nationwide polling firm.

When: The poll’s results were released Monday.

Why it matters: President Donald J. Trump has labeled the press the “enemy of the American people,” for which he has been lambasted repeatedly by the corporate media. New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger described Trump’s rhetoric as “dangerous.” But many Americans are fed up with the destroy-Trump press, which covered him negatively in 90% of its stories in 2018.

Editor’s note: I wrote an entire book on this subject. “Enemies: The Press vs. The American People” is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released through Bombardier Books/Post Hill Press on July 16.

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