RECORD HIGH: DOW Soars, Fed Signals Lower Rates as MAGA Economy Booms

In news completely ignored by leftist mainstream media, the DOW will open at an all-time high Monday, and the Fed has indicated that it might lower interests rates, both indications that President Trump’s economy is booming.

Who: Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

What: In testimony before Congress this week Powell strongly hinted that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates, which it charges banks to borrow, according to Fox Business. On Friday,  Wall Street reacted to this news by sending the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 to their highest close ever.  The Dow closed at 27,332.03, a level which was considered pie-in-the-sky impossible during the Obama administration.

Where: The greatest country in the history of man.

When: Rates could be cut by the end of July.

Why it Matters: Lower interest rates stimulates the economy, businesses expand creating jobs, which in turn increases the tax base.  The US economy is the best recent memory and Democrats know there is no way they can win in 2020 with an economic platform, causing the seismic shift to left of their party.  As the economy hums, we will see more cries of racism and insensitivity concerning illegal immigration.

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