Rhode Island Health Clinic Begins Providing ‘Free’ Benefits to Illegals

California is not the only state providing healthcare to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense. At least one health clinic in America’s smallest state is doing the same. 

Who: The Blackstone Valley Neighborhood Health Station

What: A new, one-stop primary healthcare facility providing medical, dental and behavioral services recently opened its doors in one of the most densely populated cities in the U.S., according to The Providence Journal. Costing $16 million and paid for with a mix of private and federal funds, it is said to be a prototype of urban healthcare delivery systems in the future.  
Where: Central Falls, Rhode Island which is the smallest city (approximately 1 square mile) in the smallest state in the U.S.
When: Currently, the center has served over 6,500 individuals and expects to serve 16,500 representing 90% of the City.
Why it Matters: The Providence Journal specifically mentioned that the center exists to serve people regardless of ability to pay (not unusual for what is, essentially a community health center), but also, regardless of immigration status. You can expect to hear more about these efforts in the future with the hot button campaign issue of free healthcare for illegals – something that is already happening in California.

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