SHOCKER: Jim Acosta Shared ‘Doctored’ Video of Gorka Confrontation with CNN Analyst

CNN hack and known liar Jim Acosta shared a video of right-wing pundit Sebastian Gorka’s confrontation with CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem that was – in the parlance of our times – doctored. 

Who: Gorka and Karem got into a verbal altercation in the Rose Garden after President Donald Trump’s Social Media Summit Thursday.

What: Acosta shared a video of the incident that shows Gorka approaching Karem and calling him a “punk.” He accused the right-wing “social media figures” of “verbal abuse” of the reporters:

But subsequent footage of the entire altercation – which began well before the video Acosta shared – shows Karem was the instigator, and actually threatened Gorka before the confrontation, and that he was the one taunting Summit attendees:


He bizarrely accused the attendees of being at the event for the purpose of “demonic possession,” before inviting Gorka to “go outside” to “talk.”

Where: The White House Rose Garden

When: Thursday

Why It Matters: The video shared by Acosta, which quickly circulated on the internet before the one with the full context of the confrontation, is eerily reminiscent of a January incident when CNN shared a shortened clip of Nick Sandmann, a high school student wearing a MAGA hat, smirking at a Native American man. As it turned out, full video showed the students were being taunted by the Native American man, who approached them first.

The media rained hellfire on the teenager for his “white privilege,” all because cable news irresponsibly reported an out-of-context clip. Apparently cable news did not learn its lesson after Covington Catholic.

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