SNAP: Puerto Ricans Riot, Demand Trump-Hating Governor Step Down

San Juan, Puerto Rico erupted Wednesday night, as protestors rioted and demanded that Gov. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resign from office. 

What: “Long after tens of thousands had peacefully marched through Old San Juan, hundreds of protesters gathered and blocked the narrow streets surrounding Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s Fortaleza mansion, clamoring for him to resign,” according to The Miami Herald.

“Some protesters threw firecrackers, bottles of water, beer and glowsticks at the officers barricaded around the governor’s home,” the report continued. “Portions of the crowd called for others to stop inciting violence, leading chants like ‘No tiren’ – stop throwing – as tensions boiled over between rioters and police.”

Several high-level government officials were arrested last week after an investigation which allegedly found that they grifted federal funds sent to the island territory after Hurricane Maria. The arrests sparked the tension, which has only increased since Rosselló’s private text messages were leaked, which showed that he and his allies in government “had mocked political opponents, gay people, women and ordinary citizens.”

Why It Matters: Rosselló was lionized by the mainstream press for bashing President Donald J. Trump in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

As it turned out, his government was allegedly ripping off the federal government by funneling money to their friends in a “corrupt bidding process” for contracts to rebuild the territory in the wake of the hurricane.

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