Teen Vogue Writer DEFENDS Antifa Terrorist Who Tried to Bomb ICE Facility

A Teen Vogue columnist unwisely defended the Antifa terrorist who attempted to bomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington early Saturday morning. 

Who: Teen Vogue’s Kim Kelly on terrorist Willen Van Spronsen.

What: “Some of the reporting around Willem Van Spronsen’s last stand has been inaccurate & biased in favor of ICE,” Kelly Tweeted Sunday. “He targeted *the parking lot* where the vehicles used to deport prisoners are kept, not the prison building itself. Make no mistake: this was an act of righteous sabotage,” she said.

“History echoes,” she continued. “During WWII, Jewish partisans targeted Nazi infrastructure, blowing up trains, power plants, and factories. Italian partisans targeted communications links, bridges, and rail tracks. IN 1943, the Soviets launched Operation Rail War, derailing 1,000 Nazi trains.”

“As Van Spronsen and the many other heroic comrades before him have made clear, there are many ways to fight back against a violent fascist regime. Perhaps its time to put our thinking caps on.”

Why It Matters: Aside from the fact that a writer whose target demographic is children is inciting terrorist violence, Kelly is clearly convinced that living in the United States in 2019 is the exact same as living in Nazi Germany. This deranged line of thought is the direct result of rhetoric from far-leftists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who called ICE detention facilities “concentration camps.”

Van Spronsen used AOC’s terminology in his manifesto, showing that the congresswoman at least partially inspired his attack.

Make no mistake: the political left believes that it is engaged in an all-out war against the Trump administration, and that its actions are justified.