The Left Should Zip It About the Cost of Trump’s Parade. Obama Spent Billions on Nonsense.

All of a sudden, the political left has become fiscally conservative, endlessly yapping about the cost of President Trump’s July 4th celebration. They should zip it, considering President Obama spent millions on nonsense, and they never cared. 

Who: Leftist political pundits have been griping about the cost of Trump’s Independence Day parade.

What: Trump held a July 4th parade, replete with military equipment including tanks and planes, before speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands.

When: July 4th.

Where: Washington D.C.

Why It Matters: Nobody in Washington, D.C. – GOP establishment included – worried about budgeting for any of President Obama’s massive drains on the taxpayer. Now, everyone wants to be fiscally conservative simply to spite Trump. A partial list of nonsense on which the Obama administration spent money follows:

  • $96 million on personal travel, including ski trips to Aspen, Colorado, and a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • $2 million for the DOD to develop robots to play jazz music.
  • $1.3 million to study beer Koozies and their effects on the temperature of beer.
  • $30 million to subsidize the Pakistani mango farming industry.
  • A $434,000 grant for a private developer to build a Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant.
  • Obama personally approved a $160,000 pension for his mother-in-law.
  • Indeed, Obama was described as “the biggest government spender in world history.”

You get the point.

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