Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Jail After Being Re-Convicted

A British free speech activist and right-wing firebrand was sentenced to nine months in jail after being re-convicted on “contempt” charges for filming an alleged Muslim grooming gang outside of their trial. 

Who: Tommy Robinson

What: “Robinson was imprisoned again today during sentencing at The Old Bailey,” The Daily Star said Wednesday. “The time Robinson previously spent behind bars will be taken into account, reducing his sentence to 19 weeks – of which he will serve half before being released.”

Robinson served jail time from May to August of 2018 for the same charge, after which he was released on appeal. He lost the subsequent appeal, and has been sent back to jail.

He pleaded for political asylum in the United States earlier this week.

“Today, I’m calling on the help of Donald Trump, his administration, and the Republican Party, to grant me and my family political asylum in the United States of America,” Robinson said on InfoWars.

“This week I was found guilty on three counts of contempt of court by two judges,” he continued. “There was no jury to find me guilty. Two appointed judges. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Both judges found me guilty because they believed I breached a reporting restriction on a Muslim child gang rape trial.”

Where: Mother England

When: Wednesday

Why It Matters: Robinson is an important figure in the right-wing activism and journalism. He has spent years fighting against the Islamization of Britain at the hands of its globalist overlord. Simply for reporting being an outspoken critic of Islam, Robinson has become the target of British authorities in what is an obvious political persecution.

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