Vice News Tied People Who Discussed Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophilia to ‘White Nationalists’ and Mass Murderers

Apparently, those of us on the “far-right” (read: people who don’t apologize for convicted pedophiles) were in a panic over Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilic tendencies, at least in the eyes of Vice News. The formerly-relevant site even managed to connect those who followed Epstein’s legal troubles with a deranged mass-murderer who shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh. 

Who: Vice News’ Allie Conti.

What: “The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is Fanning the Flames of Far-Right Pedophilia Panic,” read a Vice headline from December.

Conti spoke with a professor who claimed that the “far-right” had “paranoia” and was stoking “conspiracy theories” as independent journalist Mike Cernovich, alongside The Miami Herald sued to obtain documents from Epstein’s 2007 child molestation conviction.

“So I think a lot of these tensions and a lot of the paranoia and fear that is amplified through conspiracy theories around pedophilia certainly has something to do with fears concerning the unraveling of our nation’s moral fabric as construed by white Christian nationalists, or fundamentalists,” Professor Jessica A. Johnson said. “But also it kind of creates an institutional space for hitting back against so-called non-normative people in terms of sex, gender, race. And I don’t think we can separate what’s happening with Epstein and what happened with [Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect] Robert Bowers. I think a very clear connection to a white nationalist, anti-Semitic belief system is being stoked on these online forums right now.”

Did you get that? Your concern over a convicted child molester possibly sex trafficking God-knows-how-many underage girls is rooted in white supremacy! And not only that, you might just go shoot up a synagogue because of it.

Where: Vice News, the formerly-cool media company co-founded by Gavin McInnes that has turned into a far-left rag since his departure.

When: December, 2018.

Why It Matters: As it turns out, you were right to be concerned about Bill Clinton-connected Epstein, who was indicted on charges of sex trafficking minors Monday in a federal court in Manhattan. The entire leftist news media establishment, Vice included, who called you a “conspiracy theorist,” or in this case a “white nationalist,” was wrong (again). How often does the “fringe” have to get it right while the “mainstream” gets it wrong before everyone realizes the mainstream press is simply a propaganda arm of the DNC?

Conti, by the way, did not return a comment request.

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