Virginia GOP Taking Hard Turn Towards Gun Control

Update: Shortly after the publication of this story, Norment withdrew his gun control bill. 

The Virginia Senate’s top Republican Monday proposed anti-Second Amendment gun control legislation, in a move that shocked GOP voters. 

Who: “In a move that is at odds with the majority of his own party, Republican Sen. Tommy Norment says he wants to ban guns in all local government buildings,” said The Virginian-Pilot. 

What: State Republican leaders, led by Norment, have teamed up with Democrats before Gov. Ralph Northam (D), known for his blackface/KKK scandal, ahead of a Tuesday special legislative session. The legislation is being proposed in response to a Virginia Beach mass shooting at a municipal building.

When: Tuesday.

Where: The Virginia State Capitol in Richmond.

Why It Matters: Norment is known, not only for his long record of anti-Second Amendment votes, but also for helping Scott Wyatt, another pro-gun control “Republican” win the nomination for Virginia’s 97th House of Delegates district.

Norment voted in 2009 to require universal background checks for gun sales by non-registered dealers at gun shows, and voted against repealing a ban on concealing handguns in restaurants during the same year. In 2012, he voted against repealing the “one handgun per month” rule, barring Virginians from purchasing more than one handgun per month, and voted to make college campuses gun-free zones in 2018.

Worse, Norment stepped in to help Wyatt win his primary against Del. Chris Peace at a bizarre convention in May. Peace has a strong pro-Second Amendment voting record.

The Middle Resolution PAC, known for its previous support of Del. Nick Freitas, a member of the GOP establishment who made a mockery of the pro-Trump, America First movement in his losing primary campaign for U.S. Senate against Corey Stewart, funded Wyatt’s campaign to the tune of $6,100.

All of this boils down to a simple fact: The weak Virginia GOP is moving towards gun control – not away from it – as one would expect from the Republican Party. provides a deep dive into the Virginia GOP’s tangled web here.

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