Was Jeffrey Epstein Part of a State Sponsored Blackmailing Operation?

According to right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter, there is more to the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking conspiracy charges than meets the eye. 

Who: Ann Coulter on Jeffrey Epstein.

What: According to Coulter, Epstein had a “state sponsor” for a “blackmailing” operation, meant to entrap powerful men so that some higher entity could control them with threats of their dirty deeds being exposed. Coulter noted that she has long been making this claim, and cited Epstein’s light sentence on state charges for soliciting an underage prostitute in 2007 as evidence. The light charges and prison sentence allowed Epstein to roam free until he was arrested again Saturday.

“Epstein, according to both the girls’ accounts, he wanted them to have sex with powerful men, come back to him and report on it, describe what they wanted what their fetishes were and he had cameras throughout the house so this is obviously for blackmailing purposes,” Coulter said on radio 790 KABC.

“It just seems to me something much bigger is behind this – perhaps a state sponsor – powerful enough people. It just seems to me there’s something – a very powerful force behind what’s going on here – and I am still nervous about this not coming to a conclusion, somehow this getting compromised,” she continued.

Where: KABC Radio.

When: Saturday.

Why It Matters: Theories about a powerful blackmailing operation, employed by what is now known as the deep state in order to control elected officials, have long been floating around in political circles. It is possible that Epstein was a cog in this machine. In fact, President Trump’s former speechwriter Darren J. Beattie noted as much Tuesday on Twitter.

“From a friend: One uncomfortable question raised by l’affair Epstein: Is it possible to truly understand the functioning (or dysfunction) of US political system without figuring the role of systematic blackmail?” Beattie said.

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