WATCH: Antifa Tries to Light American Flag On Fire, Hasn’t Mastered the Use of the Lighter

An Antifa member attempted to burn an American flag in Washington, D.C. at Saturday’s “Demand Free Speech” rally, held by prominent conservative public figures, only to find out that he didn’t possess the requisite skills to use a lighter. 

In the way of embarrassing moments in this young scholar’s life, this must be close to the top of the list. He donned his “America Was Never Great” t-shirt, pulled a black mask over his face, and hit the streets to bash some Nazi skulls with his anti-fascist friends. His plan was to burn an American flag to show his comrades how edgy and cool he was.

And then, the unthinkable: when it came time to operate the lighter, the Antifa warrior faltered. Standing amid a crowd of laughing patriots, he realized that he had not mastered the use of fire-starting device.

The flag waved in the air as he struggled, manicured nails desperately trying to create fire with a device designed specifically for that purpose. But he couldn’t do it, America won again!


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