WATCH: Pelosi Misquotes Trump Twice Before Being Ruled ‘Out of Order’

Speaker of the esteemed House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) misquoted President Trump on the House floor Tuesday, before her comments were eventually stricken from the record, and she was ruled “out of order,” which disallowed her from speaking again during the session. 

What: “…we are later in that day  – was stunning to hear the words that were used, go home, to some of our colleagues,” Pelosi stuttered. “The same words that were used to so many people in our country, whether because they weren’t born here or because they didn’t look like some others here. Go home. As annoyed and insulted as we should be about the President saying that about our colleagues, it’s…”

Trump never told anyone to “go home,” but rather directed certain Congresswomen to feel free “go back” and fix their own homelands before condemning America.

Why It Matters: The House took rather extraordinary steps later in the session, and ruled Pelosi’s remarks, which called Trump “racist,” out of order. That meant that she had to sit out the rest of the session, and could not speak.

“Under regular procedure, however rare, if the speaker determines the words are out of order, the violator is given a chance to withdraw or amend the remarks,” according to Roll Call. “Pelosi refused to do that, saying that she had cleared them with the parliamentarian.”

Ultimately, if a member’s words are ruled to be out of order, the member in question cannot speak again on the House floor without permission from the chamber,” the site continued.

Rules disallow members from “engag[ing] in personalities” against the president, meaning they are not allowed to trash the occupant of the White House. The last time a House members’ comments were ruled out of order was in 1985.


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