WATCH: Tucker Carlson Schools Baltimore Councilman Who Blames ‘Structural Racism’ for City’s Problems

A Baltimore city councilman joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday where he blamed “structural racism” for the the city’s problems while Tucker Carlson pressed him on how Baltimore was allocating its federal funding. 

“What did happen to the $2.3 billion the feds sent Baltimore over the last 10 years?” Carlson asked.

“Well, I’m actually not here to talk about what happened to the money, or who didn’t do what,” Councilman Robert Stokes said. “I’m here to talk about how hard Baltimore city residents take care of their neighborhoods, clean up – those kind of things – and talk about 400 years of structural racism, not just in Baltimore, all over the country for black people.”

The interview only got more bizarre from there.


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