WATCH: Woman Violently Assaults Elderly ‘Anti-Gay’ Priest, Pushes Him Off Altar

A Brazilian woman violently assaulted an elderly priest who was praying with 50,000 Brazilians by pushing him off the stage, reportedly because he was “anti-gay.”

What: “During a mass service in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday afternoon, a woman came onstage and pushed Father Marcelo Rossi offstage,” said Queerty. “Rossi is an anti-gay priest and one of Brazil’s most famous priests, but her attack doesn’t seem to have anything to do with his anti-gay stances.”

“Although the attack was humiliating –  it occurred on TV and in front of an audience of over 50,000 people – the priest was reportedly unharmed, returned to the stage minutes later and didn’t press charges,” the report continued.

The woman, who is admittedly mentally deranged, claimed she “just wanted to talk” to the priest.

Why It Matters: The alphabet people used to tell us that we had to accept the LBGTQIA+ agenda because what they did in their bedrooms did not concern us. Now, if you don’t accept the liberal dogma, you risk being violent assaulted. Now that’s progress!


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