‘Who Are You?’ New Hampshire Democrats Don’t Recognize Beto

It just keeps getting worse for former Democratic Party up-and-comer Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who was embarrassed to find that Democrats at a Manchester, New Hampshire event did not recognize him. 

What: O’Rourke was attending a Democratic Party picnic event in New Hampshire, a key primary and general election battleground state. He approached an attendee who had no clue who he was.

“Did you grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth? Who are you? I don’t know who you are,” the attendee said.

Why It Matters: O’Rourke made a splash last year when he raised and spent a record $80 million in a losing bid against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). He was seen as an upstart candidate in the Democratic Party, but has performed underwhelmingly in the party’s presidential primary. He has dropped from around six percent in polling to a average of two percent, as his spotlight was stolen by another young Democrat, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

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