Zuckerburg Guilty of ‘High-Tech Lynching,’ Black Conservative Commentator Says

A black conservative commentator has accused Facebook of a “high-tech lynching,” echoing the phrase used by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings, after Facebook changed its algorithms to throttle her content down. 

Who: Deneen Borelli, host of the now-cancelled BlazeTV show “Here’s the Deal.”

What: “Facebook recently changed its algorithms to steer focus away from explicitly political content, but now that alteration is laying waste to conservative and liberal outlets,” according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Borelli said that the algorithm change irreparably harmed the viewership of her show.

“And Mark, I hold you responsible for the high-tech lynching of my job,” she said. “My videos were not clickbait. I didn’t engage in over-the-top antics to get attention. I wasn’t shrill, and my videos were not challenged by a fact-check organization.”

Borelli’s content tapered off after the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, where she was a speaker.

“It is obvious Facebook is a liberal platform and my first thought was that it was the company that was trying to silence my speech,” she told The DCNF. “The left does not want my message to get out and to resonate, especially with black voters who may be open-minded to hearing what I have to say, or women who may be open to what I have to say.”

Her husband said that a good video would get 30,000 views in an hour before her traffic was throttled. Now, he says, she’s lucky to get 30,000 in a day.

Why It Matters: Big Tech, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, have long been accused of anti-conservative bias, which has been the topic of congressional hearings as recently as this week.

Conservative influencers with huge platforms, including Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones have all been kicked off of Facebook (and its subsidiary, Instagram) and Twitter, among other social networks. Paul Joseph Watson was also banned from Facebook and Instagram.

Many conservatives have implored Congress and President Trump to take action in regulating Big Tech.

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