BOTH Cameras Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell Were Broken When He Died

Just days after The Washington Post reported that one of the cameras inside of the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) that looked into Jeffrey Epstein’s cell was broken at the time of his death, Reuters has confirmed that a second camera that would have captured the footage of his death was also broken when he died. 

“Two cameras that malfunctioned outside the jail cell where financier Jeffrey Epstein died as he awaited trial on sex-trafficking charges have been sent to an FBI crime lab for examination, a law enforcement source told Reuters,” the report said.

What a relief! The cameras are in the hands of the top FBI brass. You know, the same people who tried to prevent president Donald J. Trump from winning the 2016 election, and are hyper-focused on protecting the political establishment at all costs? And what are the odds that both of those cameras just happened to be non-working at the time of Epstein’s mysterious death?

“The cameras were sent to Quantico, Virginia, site of a major FBI crime lab where agents and forensic scientists analyze evidence,” Reuters said.

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Aug. 10 under suspicious circumstances. The chief medical examiner has ruled his death a suicide, but his lawyers have disputed that ruling.

Epstein was an elite, wealthy power broker with ties to high-level politicians and businesspeople. He was a convicted pedophile who was jailed and awaiting charges on child sex trafficking crimes. He owned a private plane called “The Lolita Express,” on which former president Bill Clinton was known to fly. Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, called Little St. James, was also known as “orgy island.”

Daily Mail reported that he was once sent three 12-year-old French girls as a birthday present.

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