BREAKING: Gillibrand Dropping Out of Presidential Race

After failing to pick up steam nationally, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) will reportedly drop out of the presidential race. 

“Ms. Gillibrand said in an interview that she would endorse another candidate in the primary but had not yet picked a favorite,” according to The New York Times. “Though she stopped short of saying she would endorse a woman, Ms. Gillibrand, who has made electing women to Congress a personal cause, said the next president had to be capable of uniting the country and suggested that a woman might be best suited for the job.”

Gillibrand’s campaign was dogged by her ties to now-infamous sex cult NXIVM, led by now-convicted sex trafficker Kieth Raniere. More than that, she failed to make any waves on the national level.

Her announcement came unexpectedly, though her polling was down. Three hours ago, she Tweeted about defeating President Donald J. Trump.

“It’s true: This election is about defeating Trump. For me, it’s also about lifting up voices and issues that have been left out of our politics since long before Trump. That’s why I’m running, and I’ll take that fight to the debates. Help me get there:” she said.

Minutes before publication, she Tweeted about her exit from the race.

“Today, I am ending my campaign for president. I am so proud of this team and all we’ve accomplished. But I think it’s important to know how you can best serve. To our supporters: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Now, let’s go beat Donald Trump and win back the Senate,” she said.

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