California Teachers Union Spends Millions Lobbying Against Charter Schools

As students head back to school after summer vacation, The Sacramento Bee reports that California’s  largest teachers union spent several million dollars since April to lobby against expanding Charter Schools in the State.

Financial disclosure forms set to be filed by the California Teachers Association (CTA) show that the organization has spent $3.6 million dollars this year on lobbying for greater restrictions for these educational institutions. This is more than twice the amount the Union spent on legislative lobbying in 2017-2018.

One bill that is still active in the legislature would allow county and local school districts to restrict Charter School development. Two other bills which were introduced but died in their respective chambers put a moratorium on the establishment of the schools until 2022 while the second put a hard cap on the number of Charter Schools for the entire state.

The CTA is so invested in this issue that they also ran television and radio advertisements to sway public opinion. They spent even more money than big oil lobbyists like the Western States Petroleum Association and Chevron – groups with deeper pockets and as much influence as the CTA.

Unfortunately, teachers unions fighting the development of Charter Schools is not limited to California and will likely continue in order to maintain the status quo of our failing public school system. The last thing these unions want is competition from these private schools who have a proven record of providing a better education than their public counterparts.

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