CNN Hires Fired FBI Leaker, Liar Andrew McCabe

CNN has hired a disgraced Federal Bureau of Investigation employee, who was fired from his post for leaking sensitive material to the press, and then lying about it. 

“Some news: CNN announces Andrew McCabe has been signed as a contributor,” CNN’s Oliver Darcy said in a Tweet.

The least trusted network in news is taking a beating for the hire.

“This is why CNN is a joke,” American Greatness contributor and American treasure Julie Kelly said in response to Darcy.

“REMINDER: Andrew McCabe was fired by the FBI for leaking and getting caught lying about it. ANOTHER REMINDER: [CNN] ceased being a ‘news organization’ a long time ago. They’re now a fully integrated anti-Trump propaganda network and they don’t even try hiding it anymore,” Donald Trump Jr. said. 

“Andrew McCabe, one of the central figures of the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax, who was fired from the FBI for lying about his leaks to the media, has been hired by CNN, one of the media outlets that did the most to perpetuate the damaging hoax,” Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist said.

“**BREAKING** CNN kills the remainder of its credibility (what little it had left) by hiring Andrew McCabe, former acting director of the FBI WHO WAS FIRED FOR LEAKING STORIES TO THE MEDIA TO BENEFIT HIMSELF AND LYING UNDER OATH. I can’t believe this is real,” comedian, author, and radio host Tim Young said.

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